For those who look for a spend their holiday at Isla Mujeres, Puerto Isla Mujeres Resort and Yacht Club offers a great opportunity to practice tennis, billiard or ping–pong while enjoying the luxury and exclusive services. The tennis court is surrounded by gardens and trees and it has been conceived with a all–weather, durable, quick drying green color tennis court surface system and playability.

The billiard and ping–pong tables are located inside the restaurant, you can enjoy playing while your children jump over the trampoline located on side the restaurant (up to 12 years old) or if you prefer take advantage of our beautiful swimming pool and taste some delicious beberages.

All the facilities are free of charge for all our guests who pay a "weekly rate of dockage" at least, otherwise you can enjoy all of them acquiring a "day pass".

All time it’s time to enjoy the facilities, just ask about every set you will need, will be a pleasure to provide to you tennis rackets and balls or anything you need to play.

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